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Long distance moving tips

Long Distance Moving Tips Need some long distance moving tips? Moving from town to town or just down the block can be an ordeal that tries both your nerves and your patience. Moving your home’s belongings across the country is an even bigger undertaking, and if you’re...

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5 Great Ways to Cut Your Moving Costs Looking to cut your moving costs? We’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog that moving can be time consuming, stressful, and potentially costly. Below we’ll share with you five great tips to help cut your moving costs. Free...

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Pre Move Purge: Getting Started

The Pre-Move Purge — Getting Started The pre-move purge is one of the more difficult tasks in the moving process. It’s the first time you truly come face to face with the question “what stays and what goes?” You know you have to start somewhere, but where? It can be a...

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Moving Apps

Great Moving Apps Moving apps can be a great choice. We understand that not everyone is the pencil and paper type, and the thought of creating moving checklists and organizational notes the “old fashioned way” is something they’d rather not do. For people who like to...

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Moving with pets

Moving with pets. Moving with pets can be a big challenge. For most of us, our pets play a very important role in our families’ lives and we treat and care for them with kindness and love. It’s only natural that when it comes time to move, you’ll want to make your pet...

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Hiring a packing service

Five key things to do before the professional packing service arrives. Opting for a packing service from a reputable, professional mover can save you time, money and stress during your move. Most of all, choosing a packing service will insure the safety of your items....

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Leftover Moving Boxes

What you can do with leftover moving boxes. Leftover moving boxes getting you down? The move is over, everything is unpacked, and you finally have a chance to take a few moments to enjoy your new home. While your sitting on the sofa in your new living room, you’re...

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Purging your home before you move

Purging your home before you move Have you ever thought of purging your home? Let me explain. When moving, being organized is key, as we’ve stressed numerous times on this blog (read here, here and here), being organized is the number one way to reduce stress, save...

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Moving Company Benefits

Three surprising reasons why hiring a moving company is better than doing it yourself. Hiring a moving company has many advantages over moving yourself — and while there is a strong temptation for families to undertake a self move, it often ends up creating more...

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Moving Plants

Moving Plants Moving plants can be a challenge. From keeping dirt from getting all over your car or truck to keeping your plant healthy, moving them can be tricky business. Below is a handy guide to moving plants safely: One month before move: Re-pot any plants that...

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The team of men you sent to pack up and deliver our furniture as well as unpack were a great group. Steve, Eric  and Brian were the  best at what they do.  They were a calming force at a very hectic time.

Pam & Walter Lewann

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