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Protect Your Home when Moving in

Jun 5, 2018 | Long Island Moving Advice

Protect Your Home When Moving In In this blog we mostly discuss topics related to moving out of your home. That’s because preparation for moving out and the day of moving out can be very stressful on families. In this post we’d like to discuss a little about moving...

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Time Management Skills for Moving

Time Management Skills Using good time management skills is one of the greatest things you can do to reduce moving stress. This will help you stay organized, get things done and allow you to visualize your move. When put into practice, you’ll notice a significant drop...

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Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Five Things to do Before the Moving Truck Arrives Much of your moving preparation takes place weeks — or even months in advance of your moving truck arriving — housing arrangements, travel options and numerous other tasks need plenty of lead time to plan properly....

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Self Storage Tips

Preparing Your items for a Self Storage Unit A self storage unit is a useful option for both short and long term storage, and with thousands of facilities all across the nation, you should be able to find a self storage unit that is both convenient and cost effective....

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Packing your garage for moving

Packing Your Garage for Moving Packing your garage can be one of the toughest challenges you face when moving. Even if your garage isn’t used a ‘warehouse’ to store your family’s odds and ends, there are still many oddly sized, sharp and heavy items that need to be...

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Moving heavy furniture

Tips for moving heavy furniture and boxes Moving heavy furniture and boxes is a necessary part of the moving process — even if you hire a professional mover and use their packing services, you may still find yourself having to move something heavy. Below are some tips...

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Moving Stress

5 strategies to cope with moving stress In a recent poll, almost 61% in a group of 2000 people rated moving stress as the top of their stress list — relationship breakdown, divorce and starting a new job were all tied for second place. That gives you a good indication...

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Forgotten Moving Essentials

Forgotten Moving Essentials Everyone knows when it comes to moving, you need essential items such boxes and packing supplies — but what about the so-called “forgotten moving essentials” — items that are necessary, but are seldom thought about? Below we’ll point out...

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Packing Your Kitchen

Packing Your Kitchen Packing your kitchen doesn’t need to be a daunting task. If you know what to do, and you are fully prepared, you can get your kitchen securely packed in just under a weekend. Below are some tips that will help you properly pack common items found...

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Online Moving Estimates

Are online moving estimates accurate? Are Online Moving Estimates Accurate? Good question. With the world moving rapidly towards complete online shopping, communication and social interaction, it only seems logical that getting an online moving estimate is an easy,...

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The team of men you sent to pack up and deliver our furniture as well as unpack were a great group. Steve, Eric  and Brian were the  best at what they do.  They were a calming force at a very hectic time.

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