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Oct 12, 2017 | Long Island Moving Advice

Three great apps to help you sell unwanted things before your move Looking to sell unwanted things before you move? Most families accumulate a great deal of “stuff” during the time they spend in their home, and when it comes time to move, they realize that they have...

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Green Moving

Green Moving Green moving is becoming more and more popular as homeowners across the nation are seeking ways to be kinder to the environment. If you’re looking to make your next move more environmentally friendly, we have some great suggestions for you. Packing Green...

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Winter moving

Winter Moving Winter moving can be stressful. It’s already mid-September, and winter is just around the corner. The thought of moving during the cold and icy winter may sound like a terrible idea, but sometimes you have no choice. If you’re planning winter move, below...

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Packing your media library

Packing your media library Looking to pack your media library? Many homes contain an extensive media libraries filled with CDs and DVDs collected over the years. This is particularly true for homes with large CD and movie collections as well as entertainment systems...

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Understanding Moving Estimates

Understanding Moving Estimates Understanding moving estimates is an important part of managing your move. And when it comes to long distance (interstate) moving, the company you choose will provide you with one of two types of moving estimates — binding or non...

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Four Moving Myths

Four moving myths Moving myths exist, and if you believe them, they can have a negative effect on your move. It is very rare for individuals and families to stay in the same home for their entire lives. We live in a dynamic country, and moving is just part of life. If...

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Color Coded Moving Boxes

Color Coded Moving Boxes Color coded moving boxes can save you a lot of time during your move. On this blog, we are constantly stressing the importance of being as organized as possible when preparing for a move. Today we’ll look at an organization technique that we...

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Moving tips for seniors

Moving Tips for Seniors Moving is stressful for the average adult, but for seniors it can be very difficult both physically and emotionally. In order to reduce stress and make the process more manageable, here are five key moving tips for seniors: Get started early:...

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Moving Sale Tips

Top 5 Moving Sale Tips Holding a moving sale is a great way to prepare for your eventual move. It forces you to make decisions about items that will stay or go, helps you de-clutter your home, saves you money on your move (by getting rid of items) and even puts a...

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Two big downsides of DIY moving

Two big downsides of DIY moving DIY moving is a very tempting option for homeowners looking to save money. The reasoning goes that if you cut out the “middle man” (i.e. a professional moving company), you will save a significant amount of money. In many cases, this is...

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The team of men you sent to pack up and deliver our furniture as well as unpack were a great group. Steve, Eric  and Brian were the  best at what they do.  They were a calming force at a very hectic time.

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