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Coping with Moving Stress

Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful events you’ll ever face. Don’t just take our word for it, there have been numerous studies that support this claim (read more here). As part of our commitment to making your move as easy as possible, here are three proven strategies for coping with moving stress.

  • Don’t do it yourself: It’s tempting to want to undertake a move yourself — the lure of huge savings, the illusion of being in control and the satisfaction of a job well done are all strong motivators. But, as we all know, things never go according to plan and many times self-moves end up being fraught with stress, broken objects and costs you never accounted for. Hiring a reputable moving company to handle the heavy lifting and logistics will reduce your stress levels immensely and in the long run may even save you money.
  • Take a break: Preparing for a move can be overwhelming and the seemingly endless amount of work that needs to be done before moving day can cause many a sleepless night. When get to the point where you start feeling the walls closing in, stop and take a break. This can be anything from a simple five-minute breather to going out to dinner with friends and family or even curling up with a good book for a half hour or so. Remember, you’ll always be more productive by putting your worries behind and taking a bit of time for yourself.
  • Lean on someone: The worst thing you can do is to keep all your emotions under wraps. When you keep your feelings bottled up, eventually you’ll end up blowing your top. This can increase stress and tension throughout your entire household. If you are feeling anxious about your move, talk about it with your family or friends. By doing this you’ll feel as though a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders.

We hope these insights will have you successfully coping with moving stress when the time arrives to make to finally make your move

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