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5 Things Your Mover Will Not Move

Many people who move for the first time (and even some who’ve moved numerous times) think that the moving company they hire will just come, pack up, and head to the desired location. While this is mostly true, there are some things that moving companies will not pack into their trucks. Below are five things most moving companies won’t move:

  1. Food: Most reputable moving companies will not move food — especially fresh, frozen and sugary-sweet foods. These foods can attract mice and other critters and become a breeding ground for food-borne illness. Before you move, try donating excess food to a local charity.
  2. Valuables and cash: If you plan on moving heirlooms, jewelry, money, securities, antiques, or any other valuables, it’s best to move them yourself. Although professional movers carry the appropriate insurance coverage, save yourself the time and hassle of trying to replace lost or damaged items by packing these items yourself.
  3. Hazardous chemicals: Movers will not transport volatile chemicals such as gasoline, turpentine, solvents, and other dangerous materials. It would be best if you weren’t transporting them either. Dispose of them properly before moving.
  4. Flowers and plants: Due to the abundance of rules and regulations regarding plants and flowers’ transportation, moving companies refuse to carry them. Further, plants and flowers do not thrive in a moving truck’s cool, dark environment. Transport these items yourself or give them to friends and family before you move.
  5. Pets: This should be obvious, but never place your animals in the back of a moving truck. Most moving companies refuse to transport living animals because it can be hazardous to your pet’s safety. Click here for more information on moving pets.

While these 5 are items are things most movers will not transport, the moving company you have chosen may have more restrictions. To ensure a stress-free move, speak to them about they won’t transport in their moving truck.

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