Choosing a Mover Based on on Price can be Risky.

Choosing a mover based on price can be dangerous
Choosing a mover based solely on price may seem like a great idea to many homeowners on Long Island and across the country — after all, who doesn’t want to save money on their move? But is it really the best idea to go with the lowest estimate you receive? It’s a complicated question to be sure, but in many cases, the answer should be “no.” Allow me to explain:

When Choosing a Mover, avoid the “lowball” estimate.

The biggest problem with a lowball price — and many times the lowest price — is that the lower priced mover often shows up understaffed and/or underequipped to perform the service adequately. Unfortunately, the pain of any company trying to perform your move without the proper staff will end up falling directly on you. For example, if an unqualified or understaffed crew shows up to your move, they may end up working late into the evening — or worse — may not have enough room on the truck for your belongings. This can be a terrible inconvenience to both you and your family. Additionally, the low priced mover will have to cover the additional cost to complete the job, and the result is that the price you received in the estimate will end up being about the same, if not higher, than the higher cost estimates you received.

Look at the big picture

Once you’ve ruled out any lowball pricing you may have received, dig deeper and try to answer the most important moving question — who will transport your belongings safely, and with as little stress as possible. Digging deeper involves doing thorough research on the companies you are interested in:
  • Read online reviews: Investigate Angie’s list, Google, Facebook, etc. and pay particular attention to how reviewer’s belongings were treated and how efficient their move was.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau: You should accept nothing less than an A+ rating. This means that the mover has a consistent track record of quality service.
  • Look for movers that use full-time, fully trained staff: This is a strong indication that company puts a high value on the quality of their employees. This in turn means you will be dealing with professionals who are focused on your ultimate satisfaction.
Sometimes a mover with stellar online reviews, an A+ rating and a team of full-time employees may be a bit more expensive than other movers, but chances are you will have a positive moving experience — and that is certainly worth the few extra dollars you may spend. For additional information, check out these useful posts:
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