Cut Your Moving Costs

5 Great Ways to Cut Your Moving Costs

Looking to cut your moving costs? We’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog that moving can be time consuming, stressful, and potentially costly. Below we’ll share with you five great tips to help cut your moving costs. Free moving boxes: Moving boxes aren’t inexpensive — especially when you need a lot of them to pack up your belongings. Hunt down free moving supplies from stores, marketplaces, community groups, friends, craigslist and other online sites. To assure your belonging’s safety, make sure to use boxes that are in good shape and do not have crushed corners or holes in them. Furthermore do not get boxes from grocery/food stores. They are inferior in quality and may contain bugs and insects. If you cannot find quality used boxes, speak to your moving professional, if you purchase in quantity, you’re sure to get a discount. Choose an “off peak” time to move: One of the best ways to save money is to choose a moving date that falls outside of peak moving season. Usually, peak moving season is from May to August, when schools are closed. Choosing a mid-week/mid-month move during September and April will put you in a low-demand season, and that could translate into significant savings. Speak to your moving company, and ask them about their off-peak season pricing, chance are you can save some money. Get Multiple quotes: We’ve written about this previously, but it is critical to get at least three quotes from reputable, positively reviewed moving companies. Be sure that each estimator does a thorough, in-person estimate and make him or her aware of all the items in your home that will need to be moved. Pack it yourself: While a reputable packing service will do an excellent job packing up your home quickly, you will have to pay a premium for this service. On the other hand, packing yourself can surely cut your moving costs. Just remember that packing yourself can be time-consuming, and if you are not an expert, you may not pack your belongings properly, which can lead to damage. If you are unsure how to pack specific items, or simply run out of time, call a your mover and discuss having them pack for you, they will only charge you for the items packed, and this will go a long way in avoiding stress and assuring your items are packed correctly. You could be in for a tax break: Make sure to save all your receipts and keep a log of your moving expenses. If you move to a new location for work, you could qualify for a tax deduction by IRS form 3903 (moving expenses).
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