Eco-friendly moving

Eco-Friendly Moving Made Easy

We’re pretty sure that most of our readers do what they can to be environmentally conscious during the day. Most of us recycle, use reusable shopping bags and do our best to cut down on waste. But what happens when a big event such as a move disrupts our daily lives? Is eco-friendly moving possible? The answer is yes, and here are three ways you can “go green” on your next move:

  1. Leave some things behind: Every item that you choose to take with you adds to the environmental footprint of your move. Think about it — each item takes more packing materials, space, and fuel to get to its final destination. You can make your move much more environmentally friendly by leaving unnecessary items behind. To get rid of unwanted items, set up a garage sale, donate to charity, or give to friends and family.
  2. Cut down on the boxes: There are numerous ways you can cut down on box waste. Try using sturdy (and reusable) plastic totes instead of boxes. Plastic totes make excellent permanent storage bins for after you move. If you are not a fan of plastic totes, opt for boxes made out of recycled materials, and make sure to recycle them once the move is complete. Many moving companies can help you source eco-friendly boxes.
  3. Use the right packing material: Traditional Styrofoam “peanuts” and plastic packing material isn’t very environmentally friendly. Fortunately, many innovative companies have developed products such as dissolvable, eco-friendly “peanuts,” bio-degradable wrapping paper and sealing tape. Further, with a little creativity in packing, you can use towels and other soft items to protect fragile items during transportation.
  4. Do you have an eco-friendly moving tip you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line in the form below.

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