Five Summer Moving Tips
Michael Maffucci Teamwork Moving Specialist

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Michael Maffucci is a third generation mover and President of Verity Van Lines, Long Island’s leading moving company. Learn more about him here.

Five Summer Moving Tips

Moving during the summer is ideal for numerous reasons: the kids are out of school, the weather is excellent, and the road conditions are perfect. Because of this, summer is also the peak moving season both for consumers and moving companies. To make the most of your summer move, here are some practical summer moving tips to help make your move as easy as possible.

  1. Plan as far in advance as possible: Get three estimates from reputable moving companies at least a month before moving. Further, make sure a moving estimator visits your home to get an accurate overview of your move.
  2. Move early in the month: Try to plan your moving day within the first two weeks of each summer month. For example, you may save some money if you move in the first week of June compared to June 20th. If you are flexible about your move date, ask your mover which day may be best.
  3. Watch the heat: When packing and moving items, dress appropriately by wearing lightweight water-wicking clothing. Take plenty of breaks and avoid overheating. Finally, remember heat can damage certain goods such as electronics, so be careful when packing items.
  4. Hydrate: To avoid dehydration, don’t forget to have plenty of bottled water around during moving day. Make sure the entire family (if they are helping with the move) drinks plenty of water — and it can’t hurt to make sure your movers are staying hydrated.
  5. Start early (or late): Starting early in the morning will allow you to get the most work done as the sun rises and the outdoor temperature is still cool. On the other hand, pack after sunset if you’re a night owl!

The five summer moving tips above will help you reduce stress, stay healthy and get the job done efficiently. Need more moving tips? Check here.

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