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Five Things to do After Moving.

Congratulations! You just completed a successful move. All your belongings have arrived safely, the moving company has left, and your family is finally ready to start a new chapter in life’s journey. But what should you do first? It’s a good question, as there’s still a lot to be done before your finally settled into your new home. Below are five things to do after moving, which should help you get started:

  1. Organize your post-move time: There will be quite a bit to do when you arrive in your new home and trying to tackle everything at once is going to cause you stress and — most importantly — waste your time. Consider creating a post move checklist that prioritizes all your post-move tasks. This will help you take advantage of every available hour you have and will make moving in much easier.
  2. Get to know your home: It may be wise to thoroughly inspect your home before you begin the unpacking process. It’s the perfect time to truly asses the condition of your home because there will be little or no clutter to block walls, windows and floors. Take note of everything that needs repair and refurbishment.
  3. Unpack your boxes in a logical order: At some point you’re going to have to unpack that mountain of boxes sitting in your main hallway. When you do, make sure to do it in a way that makes sense — perhaps unpack the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms first, then move on to other boxes. Remember, staying organized is the key to success.
  4. Change your mailing address: It doesn’t matter whether you moved across town or across the country, it is critical that you update your mailing address with the post office. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. You can do it online right here: (link to USPS)
  5. Find healthcare providers: It’s important to find out where the nearest hospital is in case you find yourself in an emergency situation and you may also want to make note of where the nearest urgent care facility is in order to deal with minor medical issues.

Sometimes knowing where to start is a great relief, and we hope that these five things to do after moving will help make your post-move period a little easier. If you’ve hired a reputable professional mover, ask them for any advice they may have.

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