Moving in the Rain

Five Tips for Making Unpacking Easier

Frequently in this blog, we discuss the “pre-move” side of the moving process — from how to find the right mover to packing tips and so much more. Today we’re going to focus on the “post-move” topic of unpacking your home.

It’s entirely possible that after a long move, you may feel overwhelmed by how much unpacking there is to do. Don’t worry — follow these tips below, and you’ll find your task more manageable than you ever thought.

  1. Go room by room: Don’t view unpacking as one large project. Instead, approach the situation on a room by room basis, and things will become more manageable. The key is to start small and work your way up to bigger ones. Doing this will help you’re your confidence and feel accomplished. As you tackle more rooms, you’ll feel motivated and inspired to keep going.
  2. Reward yourself: Acknowledge your accomplishments each step of the way to help bolster confidence and increase motivation. Your reward can be something simple such as indulging in your favorite candy bar or for more significant accomplishments, something more extravagant such as a big night out to dinner with your family. The point is to acknowledge the hard work that you’ve done.
  3. Set goals: Break up all your tasks into manageable goals that can be realistically achieved. For example, if it’s a Monday, set a goal to have the dining room set up for dinner by Wednesday night. Another great idea is to focus on attacking living spaces first then moving on to storage items later. Gather up your goals, write out a timeline, and stick to it as much as possible. Make sure to check off the tasks as you go, as this is a great motivator.
  4. Survey each room: Before you begin unpacking, make sure to do a careful survey of each room and take written or mental notes about where items will go. For example, where will you put the antique chest that your mother gave you? Or where you will hang a favorite painting? Knowing these answers before you unpack will save you time and aggravation.
  5. Embrace the process: We know that unpacking can seem just as overwhelming as packing, but look at it this way: you’re finally in your new home and have a chance to start fresh! If you embrace the unpacking process and view it with a positive frame of mind, you’ll find your task to be much more enjoyable.

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