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Four moving myths

Moving myths exist, and if you believe them, they can have a negative effect on your move. It is very rare for individuals and families to stay in the same home for their entire lives. We live in a dynamic country, and moving is just part of life. If you’re planning to make a move, you should be aware of some moving related myths that are circulating around television and on the Internet. Below are five myths that could cause a lot of stress and confusion during your move.
  • Myth one — there’s no need for moving boxes: While the temptation to go to the grocery store to get free boxes seems like a great money-saving idea, it could lead to numerous problems. Grocery boxes and containers are not designed for moving and can break easily — and worse — they could contain insects that can cause problems when you move in. Moving boxes aren’t very expensive and most reputable movers have a wide variety available.
  • Myth two — all moving insurance is the same: Most standard moving insurance will only cover about .60 cents per pound for damaged items. Imagine what that will cost you if favorite crystal glasses break during the move. Make sure to read the fine print of every policy you compare, and get coverage that will fit your exact needs.
  • Myth three — pack and go: Many people think they can save a great deal of time by forgoing organization and just packing up everything and moving. This will lead to a wide variety of problems when arriving at the new destination. Always take your time and organize your packing. We have some great tips here and here.
  • Myth four — all movers are the same: Picking any mover from the web or the phone book can be a recipe for disaster. Some movers have a terrible record of damaging items and treating their customers poorly. Do your research and find a mover that has a consistent track record of honesty, reliability and quality.
Believing these moving myths can be very costly, so make sure you do not fall for them.
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