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Great Ways to Get Rid of Moving Boxes After Your Move

Congratulations! You finally made it to your new home, unpacked everything, and put all your belongings in the right place. But what do you do with the moving boxes you used for your move? Here are four ideas that will help:

Donate Your Moving Boxes

If you have friends or relatives who need boxes for storage or moving, consider giving your boxes to them. You can also use the Facebook marketplace or a similar online service for advertising that you are giving boxes away. If you are uncomfortable using an online service or don’t want to be bothered with setting up an advertisement, consider donating your boxes to your local library or food shelter.

Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes are easy to recycle. Break them down and deliver them to your local recycling facility. Additionally, many towns have a recycling contract with a carting company. If your town offers this service, break the boxes down and neatly place them curbside on cardboard recycling day.

Try BoxCycle

Were you looking to make extra cash with your used moving boxes? BoxCycle is a marketplace website focused on connecting box sellers with box buyers. It’s easy to use; create your listing and publish it to the website. Buyers in your local area will be notified of the sale.

Repurpose Your Moving Boxes

Moving boxes can be convenient for a myriad of home uses. For example, you can flatten boxes and use them as kneeling pads for gardening. You can also save them for storage, mailing, or gift-wrapping purposes. Finally, if you’re creative, you can build a box city for your children!

Learn more about moving boxes and packing here and here.

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