Moving boxes

Get the right moving boxes for the job

Most people think that all moving boxes are the same, and that it really makes no difference what goes where as long as it gets to your new home. Nothing could be further from the truth. Getting the right moving box for the job is critical for both protecting and easily identifying your items.
  • Standard moving boxes: Most moving boxes come in three sizes, 1.5, 3 and 4.5 cubic feet. Generally speaking, smaller boxes are better suited for heavier items because the cardboard will hold up better against a small amount of heavy items rather than a large amount.
  • Glass boxes and dishpacks: These boxes have partitions that keep your glasses, dishes and stemware stable during transportation. If you cannot find dedicated glass boxes, you can go to your local liquor store and seek out wine boxes with dividers. While not perfect, it will be better than shoving glasses haphazardly into a box.
  • Wardrobe boxes: These boxes feature a horizontal bar that can handle around two feet of hangar space. It’s a great idea to use these for shirts, pants and jackets as opposed to trying to pack them into a standard moving box, which may split at the bottom.
  • Mirror/Flatscreen TV boxes: These boxes feature reinforced corners that will securely hold the edges of the mirror or TV to prevent excess movement. These boxes may take a little assembly, but the security they provide is priceless.
  • Custom-built crates: some items, such as valuable paintings and other important large items may require the building of a custom crate. A qualified mover can help you evaluate your items and determine if you need one.
Remember to always label your moving boxes for rapid identification. If you are nervous about packing, or don’t have the time, consider a high quality packing service.
Verity Van Lines is the premier Long Island moving company with over 100 years of experience in both local and long distance moves. We also offer a full range of storage options and packing supplies. We are a proud member of the Long Island Moving and Storage Association.
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