Going “Green” For Your Move

In today’s climate, more and more stress is being placed on how we can be more considerate of our planet and environment.  From recycling your trash to using paper straws instead of plastic, there are plenty of ways to contribute to the “green” movement. As far as moving is concerned, following are some simple ways you can help the environment by going “green” for your move.

3 ways to have a more eco-friendly move:

  1. Recycled Boxes and Plastic Bins: You have a few options here; some moving companies have used boxes in good condition that you can request to use.  You could also use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes for your clothing, linens, towels and other soft goods.  (Keep in mind those are sometimes harder to stack and pack into moving trucks.)
  2. Recycled Packing Paper: Use recycled paper for wrapping items.  You can also save magazines and newspapers to use.  Using your towels is another great option since you have to pack those anyways!
  3. Donate/Sort:  If you sort through your items before packing you can decide which things you’d like to keep, which can be thrown out or recycled and which would be good for donating.  How does this make your move more eco-friendly, you may ask? Less items means a smaller moving truck which means less carbon emissions!

After your move is complete, ask your moving company if they can recycle your cardboard boxes for you and reach out to friends and neighbors to see if they need any boxes. And don’t forget to recycle any moving paper or recycleable packing materials you’ve used!




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