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Green Moving

Green Moving

Green moving is becoming more and more popular as homeowners across the nation are seeking ways to be kinder to the environment. If you’re looking to make your next move more environmentally friendly, we have some great suggestions for you.

Packing Green

A truly great idea in green moving is using used moving boxes. Check out, a great resource for finding gently used moving boxes. There are plenty of ways to protect your belongings and still be sensitive to the environment. Packing materials such as white moving peanuts, as well as foam and bubble wrap aren’t very environmentally friendly and should be avoided. Instead, try using “green” packing peanuts. These are actually colored green and made from bio plastics, a type of material created from renewable sources such as cornstarch and vegetable oil. Geami wrap is a great alternative to plastic bubble wrap. It is made from recycled paper, and has many of the same protective properties as bubble wrap but is far more environmentally friendly. Important note: Always discuss these options with your mover to make sure what you are using conforms to their requirements.

Efficiency is Important

Make sure you start preparing for your move as early as possible and you are completely prepared for moving day. If you do this, we’re sure you’ll end up making fewer trips back and forth, which will save a great deal of gasoline and cut down on carbon emissions. Finding an experienced mover who is known for efficient service will also go a long way in saving fuel. Green moving is the perfect opportunity to start your new life and do some good for the environment at the same time.
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