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Holiday Moving Ideas

Three Big Ways to Make the Best of Holiday Moving

Holiday Moving — as we all know, moving can be a stressful time in your life, but moving during the holidays can surely compound that stress. Think about it — while half the world is opening presents, having holiday dinners and drinking eggnog, you’ll be stuck at home packing, organizing and preparing for your move. But just because you are moving during the holidays doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the spirit of the season!

Put Some Cheer into Your Holiday Moving

  • Set up decorations that can move with you: Instead of the usual giant Christmas tree and miles of tinsel which will call for a lot of packing, try setting up a small easily-packable tree and put up a few small wreaths on around the home. When you’re ready to move, simply pack up the Christmas tree and wreaths and take them with you so you can set the up the minute you arrive in your new home.
  • Start a new holiday dinner tradition: One of the great things about the holidays is the proverbial holiday dinner, where friends and family gather around the dining room table for an evening of fun and food. If you’re in the process of a holiday move, it will be difficult to host your annual get together. Try starting a new tradition by gathering friends and family and get together at a local restaurant for dinner and fun. You won’t have to worry about unpacking your silverware, and better yet, you won’t have to bother with cleaning up when it’s over!
  • Take the holidays with you: If your moving plans include being on the road or in-between homes on Christmas, try to find a hotel that is either hosting a holiday event, or has their lobby decorated for the season. It may not be home, but its far better than sitting in a desolate hotel room with nothing to see or do.

Have a holiday moving tip you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a line to us in the form below. And remember, when moving during the holidays, always used a licensed, professional moving service with a great reputation. The last thing you want is a holiday moving disaster.

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