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Moving in the Rain

Identifying Rogue Movers

Legitimate, licensed movers who work hard to provide honest, high-quality services to their communities are sometimes undercut by so-called “rogue” movers who operate on the fringes of our industry. Identifying and avoiding these bad actors will ensure that you don’t get trapped in a situation that can cause you significant stress (and a lot of money!). Below are five sure-fire ways to spot a rogue mover:

  1. No DOT number: One of the biggest red flags to identifying a rogue mover is the lack of a DOT (Department of Transportation) number. Whenever you talk to a mover, make sure to get their DOT number and confirm it with the US Department of Transportation. Here is an example: click here. Most honest movers will list their DOT number directly on their website.
  2. Unrealistically low rates: Ask any professional mover, and they’ll tell you — operating a legitimate, licensed moving company costs a great deal of money. Consequently, movers who offer outlandishly low rates are giving you a not-so-subtle signal that they are not operating within the confines of the law. Low prices can be tempting, but remember the adage “you get what you pay for” when dealing with so-called movers offering cut-rate prices.
  3. No physical location: Always confirm a physical location with your mover and make sure that the site is legitimate. Ask every potential mover for their physical location, then confirm it with sources such as the Better Business Bureau and Google Maps.
  4. Check with local industry groups: Most legitimate movers belong to recognized trade organizations. For example, on Long Island, many movers belong to the Long Island Moving and Storage Association (LIMSA).
  5. No insurance: Legitimate movers will offer you two types of insurance. They are called released value protection and full value protection. If a mover doesn’t offer these options, steer clear. To learn more about these two types of insurance offerings, visit here.

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