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Indoor Camping During a House Move

When you’re moving, chances are pretty high that you may spend a night or two in your home without the luxuries and conveniences you are used to. To some this may cause distress, because personal belongings help give you a sense of comfort and security. But, if you are willing to let go, be creative and embrace the concept of indoor camping, you could end up having a wonderful new adventure Here’s how to do it:

  • Keep your essential items: make sure that you have an essential item bag with you at all times during your move. It should contain phone charging cables, toiletries, and any prescription medicine you may need, as well as anything else you think necessary. If you are considering an indoor campout, it may help to pack a small Bluetooth speaker in your essential bag so you can play music or watch a movie from your phone.
  • Get an inflatable mattress: these handy portable beds can be bought for under 20 dollars and sleeping on one is much better than sleeping flat on a bare hardwood or carpeted floor. Make sure to pack a blanket and some bedding along with the mattress.
  • Do a download: before your move begins, make sure to download your favorite books, movies and TV shows to your mobile device. When camping time arrives, you’ll have plenty of entertainment available for both you and your family.
  • Surf the internet: You won’t believe what you’ll find when you search the internet for indoor camping ideas.
  • Embrace the moment: don’t look as your indoor campout as an unfortunate necessity, seize the day and make the best of it! Grab some take out, ice cream and drinks, and spend quality family time with the ones you love. Believe us, you’ll find the lack of distractions and the family atmosphere quite heartwarming.

Indoor camping is a great way to make the best of an inconvenient situation — and whether this is your first move or tenth, you may find it a welcome break from the rush and stress of moving.

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