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moving on July 4th

Moving on July 4th

Moving during the July 4th holiday is certainly not ideal, and this time of year can present certain challenges to both you and the moving company you are planning to hire. Knowing about them ahead of time will help make your move a bit easier, so here are a few things to be prepared for:

  • Friends and family may not be able to help you: With July 4th being the first big summer holiday for many families, you may not be able to enlist their help. This could leave you with a lot of extra work! If you are going to try and enlist help, be smart about it — ask if they can assist in the morning before they attend parties or social events. Make sure to sweeten the offer with refreshments and snacks, — you may just get a few takers.
  • Make sure you’re stocked up: With stores being closed or closing early, packing tape, boxes and other last-minute moving supplies may be very difficult to come by. Make sure you have plenty of supplies beforehand, so you’re not scrambling around searching for an open store that sells moving essentials. You can usually return unused supplies once you’ve arrived at your new destination.
  • Traffic: Be prepared for delays! Traffic during the July 4th holiday can be unpredictable and could and add hours to your move. Make sure your family’s vehicle is filled with drinks, snacks and perhaps some fun games to keep the kids entertained.
  • Weight and load restrictions: Depending on where you are in the country, there may be vehicle weight and load restrictions that can have an effect on your move. Your moving company will know about these and will inform you if it is going to alter delivery time.

Moving during any holiday may not be the best or most convenient. Our advice? Try to keep a positive mindset and look at the process as a new adventure with many new memories to be made. We bet you’ll find yourself in a much better place once you’ve finished!

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