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Last Minute Moving Advice

While most families like to plan their move to a new home in advance, there are times in life when that is not possible. Family emergencies, business opportunities and other reasons may force you to have to move in a short period of time. Below is some helpful last-minute moving advice that will surely make your move a little bit easier.

  • Find a mover ASAP: Because moving is all about scheduling, finding a reliable qualified mover may be one of your biggest challenges. Getting started as early as possible is going to be the best way to increase your chances of finding a suitable company to handle your move. Make sure to do your research by speaking to friends and families who have used a mover you may be considering, and thoroughly research a mover before you make any decisions.
  • Lighten your load: It’s simple — the less you have to pack, the better off you’ll be. Go through every room thoroughly and get rid of what you don’t need; consider donating old clothes, furniture and other items. Think in terms of practicality, not sentimentality. Additionally, many non-profits offer pick-up services which can save you quite a bit of time and stress.
  • Let the mover help: If you cannot get everything packed up in time, don’t be afraid to ask your movers for help. It may cost a little bit in labor and packing materials, but the savings in last minute stress will be well worth the small investment.
  • Gather essentials: Before the whirlwind of packing and moving begins, make sure to set aside a bag for essential items that you cannot afford to have packed away for any period of time — prescriptions, toiletries, phone chargers, etc. are all things you don’t want to be frantically searching for when you arrive in your new home.
  • Consider a packing service: Even in a compressed timeframe, the moving company you choose may be able to provide you with packing services. This can free you to handle other pressing logistical tasks.

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