Local moving companies have advantages.

A closer look at local moving companies

Last week we discussed the positive and negative aspects of doing business with moving franchises. This week we’ll discuss the pros and cons of doing business with a privately owned local moving companies.

There are many advantages to working with local moving companies, including:

  • Independent and flexible: Privately owned family moving companies are not dependent on a franchise or corporate office to provide any moving or storage service you may need. This flexibility allows them to react faster than a franchise — addressing needs and concerns in a more efficient manner.
  • Local control: As long as your mover is not a broker, your move will be under complete local control.
  • Better service: Well-run private moving companies can afford to pay their employees better than a franchise. This means they can retain quality talent who in turn will help deliver a more satisfying moving experience.


  • You must do your homework: If you do not do proper research before choosing a local mover, you may end up with an unqualified service provider and there is no franchise you will be able to turn to for help.
  • Corner cutting: In an attempt to be a “lowest price” service provider, local moving companies may cut corners to reduce costs. This includes failing to invest in proper personnel and equipment maintenance, which could have a negative effect on accomplishing your move.
  • Long distance troubles: Some local movers are unable to provide long distance moves because they lack the expensive equipment necessary to make the move.

Whether you are interested in a moving franchise or a local mover, it is important to be informed and do your homework. In addition to doing online research, it is also helpful to visit the mover’s local facility, speak to the staff and ask questions because this will be a good indicator of the service you will receive.

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