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Long Island Moving Checklist Part Two

Last week I started part one of five-part series called “The Long Island Moving Checklist.” It covered what you should be doing three to five months before your move. This week I’d like to cover what you should be doing six to eight weeks before you move.

Six to eight weeks before you move.

With about months to go, it’s time to truly start preparing for the big day. Remember, always make sure to keep a positive attitude, take breaks when needed and make sure to take care of yourself and your family. This will help reduce pre-move stress and allow you to think clearly and make fewer mistakes.
  • Review your inventory and begin ordering moving supplies: Once you have a good gauge of what you’ll need to pack, order your moving supplies (#link to your moving supplies page) from a company that specializes in them. Not all moving supplies are the same and you’ll want to make sure you order boxes that are built for the rigors of moving. Some things you will need are: standard boxes, wardrobe boxes and dish barrels, Make sure to purchase plenty of packing tape and permanent markers as well.
  • Deplete stock: Begin using up things you may not want to bring with you, such as frozen foods, powdered drinks, cleaning supplies and other consumables that can take up space and add to your moving costs.
  • Start measuring and compare: If you can get the dimensions of the rooms in your new home, make sure to take a note of them check them against the furniture currently in your home. By doing this you can make sure your furniture will fit and you won’t be stuck with a couch or table won’t fit in your home. If there is something that won’t fit or you don’t want, consider donating it to a worthy cause. Speak to your mover if you are unsure about furniture donations.
Next week we’ll cover what to do when you are one month away from moving. If you have any questions about this moving checklist or have suggestions you’d like to share, please submit them with via the form I’ve left below, and I try to answer your questions and post your suggestions.
The Long Island Moving Checklist
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