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More moving terms

More Moving Terms You Should Know

In a previous post we discussed some essential moving terms you should be familiar with. And, as with any specialized business, movers have a large set of term and definitions for certain processes and services. In order to help you fully understand what is going to happen during the moving process, being familiar with these terms could be a great help. Here are some more moving terms you should know:
  • Additional Services (sometimes called Accessorial Services): These are services such as packing, or other added services that are not part of the transportation charges.
  • Advanced Charges: These are charges for services not performed by the mover but by a 3d party professional, such as a crating service. These charges are usually paid for by the mover and added to your bill of lading charges.
  • High Value Article: These are items that are included in the shipment that are usually valued at more than $100.00 per pound. It is important that items such as these are pointed out to the mover before moving so they can be protected properly.
  • Order for Service: This is the document that authorizes the mover to transport your household items.
  • Storage In Transit: You may sometimes hear this term abbreviated as SIT. This is temporary warehouse storage of your items as they wait for further transportation. An example of this could be that you need to move out of your home, but there will be some delay until your new home is ready to move into and you’ll need to store your shipment until you are ready to move in.
  • Pickup and delivery Charges: These are separate transportation charges for transporting your items from a warehouse to your home.
If you are ever unsure about any moving terminology you may say or hear when planning your move, do not hesitate to speak to a moving company representative and make sure you have a full understanding of the term.
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