Move a record collection

How to Move a Record Collection

Whether you are relocating across town or the country, transporting your prized record collection can be one of the most stress filled parts of your move. Below we’ll show you how to move your precious vinyl records.

  1. Prepare Your Records: First, make sure you insert the record into the original acid-free paper liner, this will help protect it from dust and scratches. If the original liner is missing or damaged, you can purchase them in bulk online. Once this is complete, place the record back into its original sleeve and insert the entire package into a sturdy poly-vinyl sleeve (you can find these online as well).
  2. Get the Right Boxes: Using the correct box for the job is critical. Never use odd-shaped boxes or boxes that are too big, because you can end up damaging your collection. You can order 12.5″ x 12.5″ or 13″ x 13”-inch boxes from a reputable local moving company. These boxes are sturdy, stack well, and will protect your precious collection.
  3. Line the Boxes: Get some 12″ wide bubble wrap and carefully line the walls and floors of each box. Doing this will protect your records during transportation. Make sure also to line the inside of each box’s cover as well.
  4. Pack: Carefully place your records vertically in the prepared boxes. Make sure to pack snug, while also leaving a little bit of breathing space. Packing too tightly can cause the actual record to make a circular impression on the sleeve. Put the cover on the box.
  5. Seal and Label: Seal each box with packing tape. Use just enough tape to get the job done so that when you begin unpacking, you will be less likely to damage the contents inside. Label each box with the contents, and fragile warning movers know to be careful. It’s also helpful to mark the boxes with a “this end up” message to avoid stacking boxes horizontally, which can put undue pressure on the contents inside.

Do you have any record collection packing tips you’d like to share? Drop us a line below.

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