Great moving apps

Great Moving Apps

Moving apps can be a great choice. We understand that not everyone is the pencil and paper type, and the thought of creating moving checklists and organizational notes the “old fashioned way” is something they’d rather not do. For people who like to go the tech-route, there are many great moving apps that can come in handy and help make your move a bit more organized. Here’s just a few:
  • Moving Van: Moving van is a handy app that helps you keep a record of what you have contained within your moving boxes. You simply take photos of the contents of a box, name the box, and you’re done. Moving Van has received many positive reviews on the app store and for a $1.99 it’s a real bargain.
  • Moving Checklist Pro: With many good reviews, Moving Checklist Pro is a very comprehensive app that comes with over 210 household related moving items. It’s a checklist lover’s dream and offers an incredible range of options to make creating specific lists fast, easy and manageable. The cost is $9.99, but it does come with a money-back guarantee.
  • Although not as full featured as Moving Checklist Pro, at .99 cents, Moving To Do List is a handy checklist app that helps organize your move. You can create custom lists, edit and delete items, delete lists, etc. It has mixed reviews, but for 99 cents it could be worth a try.
  • Sortly: This is a highly rated app that excels in intuitive design and ease of use. You can organize your rooms with either photos or item checklists, add video captures of inventory, create and scan your own barcode labels, and so much more. The app, and many of these features are free, but you can unlock even more organizational power when you choose to purchase the premium features.
  • The Big Moving Adventure: We added this app to the list because it is great for young children to help them cope with the changes that moving to a new home and neighborhood will create. Since it’s a Sesame Street product, you can be confident that has the right amount of fun and sensitivity to help you 2-5 year old child make his or her move into a fun adventure. Best of all — absolutely free.
If you prefer using your mobile device to organize your move, choosing one of these apps can certainly be a fun and interesting way to make your move a little more organized and interesting.
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