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Moving Check Off List Part 3

Today I’m going to give you the third installment of my five part moving check off list series (you can read part one here and part two here). The entire series is designed to relieve some of the fear and anxiety associated with moving. By following these guidelines, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and more in control of the situation. Today we’ll cover what to do when you are one month from moving day.

What to do one month before you move:

Finalize and confirm moving arrangements: make sure you have a written confirmation from your chosen moving company of your moving date, costs, and any other important details.
  • Start packing: begin with items that are used infrequently, such as a blender or a tea set. Make sure to mark items that need special packing or attention from the mover. It’s also wise to declare, in writing, items you have that cost over $100.00 per pound (computer, stereo equipment, etc.).
  • Label boxes: make sure to label every box with its contents and the room it is meant for. It’s also wise to also pack a box of items that you’ll need immediately and label it with a title such as “important items.”
  • Separate and pack valuables: Jewelry and other high value, easily transportable items should be packed accordingly and personally taken with you to your new home.
  • Change your address: Go to your local post office and fill out a change of address form. You should also notify your credit cards and other services that you use frequently.
  • Forward medical records: If you’ve secured a health care provider in your new area of residence, have your medical records forwarded to them.
Next on the moving check off list, we’ll cover what to do when you are two weeks away from moving. If you have any questions about this list or have suggestions you’d like to share, please submit them with via the form I’ve left below, and I try to answer your questions and post your suggestions.
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