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Three surprising reasons why hiring a moving company is better than doing it yourself.

Hiring a moving company has many advantages over moving yourself — and while there is a strong temptation for families to undertake a self move, it often ends up creating more problems and costing much more money than originally thought. Below are three surprising reasons why hiring a mover is better than doing it yourself:

Professional movers have the right equipment

Movers always have the correct equipment on hand, and that gives them the ability to tackle the many challenges that occur during a move. For example, do you know what’s worse than moving a dining room table down two flights of stairs? Realizing that you don’t have the correct Allen wrench to disassemble it. A good mover will rarely run into a problem such as this, because they have already assed your move, and come to your home prepared to do the job.

You may actually save money

One of the biggest things that stop people from using a professional mover is the price tag. Despite the initial price for a professional move, you may actually save money by choosing a professional mover. Most families grossly underestimate the cost of undertaking a move. They tend to not take into account the cost of additional equipment (hand trucks, dollies, etc.), breakage of valuable items, refreshments and dinner for family and helpers, and fuel. All of these costs — plus the loss of your valuable time — may end up costing the same as a professional move.

Hiring a moving company is good for your health

Sprained ankles, sore backs, cuts, bruises and scrapes are occurrences during a do it yourself move. If your not the physical type, or have issues with your back or knees, carrying boxes up and down stairs and lifting them into trucks will leave you achy and sore for many days after your move. When you hire a professional mover, you eliminate the risk of potential moving injuries, which can result in lost work and time away from things that matter. There are plenty of do it yourself projects that offer incredible rewards and a great sense of satisfaction, but in most every case, hiring a professional moving company will save you time, reduce stress, and may just save you money. Ready to hire a mover? Read this.

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