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Tips on How to Find a Moving Company Online

Looking to find a moving company online? The Internet is a great resource to find a wide range of goods and services — whether you are looking for new clothes, a new car or even used or rare books, almost anything can be found on the web. But just because you can find what you are looking for, that doesn’t mean that the product or service is good — this is especially true when it comes to moving companies. Below are some tips on how to find a moving company online: A mover should never be chosen based on how nice their website looks. When looking at a mover’s website, there are some important clues to look for to help you determine if the company is reputable and worth more investigation:
  • The company stresses personal contact and in-home estimates: A moving company should want to speak to you in detail about your move and will always stress the importance of doing an in home estimate.
  • The company offers tips, advice and guidance: Many reputable moving companies will have an active and vibrant blog that offers a wealth of information to those who are planning a move. A blog that is updated weekly usually means the mover truly cares about their business and the customers they serve.
  • Look for associations: Does the mover belong to a moving and storage association such as AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association)? Do they proudly display the BBB logo along with a link to their listing? If you answered “yes” to these questions, they may be worth further investigation.
  • Look for Angie’s List: Researching reviews is a critical part of searching for a mover, and using Angie’s List to help evaluate potential prospects is a great way to find a local mover that is reliable. Google and Yelp reviews are also helpful, but if the mover is an Angie’s List member you can be pretty sure that they truly care about their service and reputation.
Remember to always use common sense when trying to find a moving company online and always make sure to speak personally to the companies that you are interested in. They should welcome your phone call and do everything they can to make your move as stress-free as possible.
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