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Moving Delays

Moving Delays

Most well-respected professional movers go to great lengths to ensure that your move is as efficient and stress-free as possible. However, sometimes there are unpredictable events beyond control that can cause moving delays.

What Can Cause a Moving Delay

  • Weather: Severe weather can cause drivers to pull over and wait for conditions to improve. These delays can be anything from half an hour in a driving downpour to a few days if a significant snow event hits along the route. Always remember, getting your household goods to your new home intact is a mover’s primary concern, so sometimes, the weather can slow things down.
  • Logistical Problems: Moving companies are experts in logistics. Part of their job is to manage all the intricacies of a move. If you’re moving to the city or a crowded urban area, limited parking may delay a moving truck’s arrival. Also, if you’re new home is on an unpaved curvy mountain road, a big truck can’t navigate safely. Getting smaller trucks and reloading them will add time to the process.
  • Seasonal Issues: Summer is the most convenient time for most people to move. It’s also the season where families travel the most, which can cause unforeseen delays due to traffic. Although reputable moving companies plan for excessive traffic, especially in tourist areas, their best estimates can sometimes be wrong.

How to Properly Manage Delays

The first thing to do is try to stay calm. Allowing stress and anxiety to take over can hurt both you and your family. From there, be sure to make the proper arrangements with utilities, your realty company, and any others that may be affected by the delay. Finally, make sure to keep in constant communication with your mover.

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