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The Key to Accurate Moving Estimates.

Developing truly accurate moving estimates require a great deal of cooperation between the moving company and their client. Both parties must be thorough, organized and highly detailed in order to be absolutely sure every item is accounted for, and all information regarding the destination is up to date and accurate. It is especially important for the homeowner to give the mover accurate information so her or she may process a proper estimate.

In an attempt avoid the surprise of receiving a final price that is higher than the estimated price, I’ve compiled some of the most common errors homeowners make that result in these increases:

  • Incomplete packing: This is one of the biggest causes of variations in estimates. Always make sure you have done a thorough, complete and proper packing job. The additional time and effort to complete a job that is not properly packed will add significantly to the final cost of your move.
  • Non-visual moving estimates: Moves booked without a visual onsite estimate will almost always result in an increase in price. If your mover does not want to give you an onsite estimate, find one that will.
  • Destination problems: Sometimes large trucks cannot access certain developments and residences, and this will result in more unloading time — and a higher price. Always make sure you let your mover know beforehand if there may be a potential problem at the final destination so he or she can work it into their estimate.
  • Taking more than planned: Many times homeowners don’t realize that they are taking more than they originally planned, and the increased box count changes the total volume and cost of the move. As stated earlier, be thorough and complete in your packing and you’ll avoid this costly error.

Finally, it is important to make sure that the mover has a clear and accurate understanding of what they are expected to do. This will assure that they are fully prepared to make you move as hassle-free as possible.

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