5 Tips for Moving from New York to North Carolina

5 Tips for Moving from New York to North Carolina

Moving from New York to North Carolina is a popular option for young families looking to make a fresh start, seniors looking to retire, and professionals looking for new employment opportunities. If you are contemplating a move to North Carolina, the five tips below will help you make it as easy as possible.

  1. Do your research: Any move is a big step but moving from New York to North Carolina is quite different than moving down the block or within the same state. Make sure you thoroughly research every detail before you make any final decisions.  Check out the climate, population density, education quality, taxes, utility costs, and local laws and regulations. If it all possible, plan a few visits to where you plan to move to get a real “lay of the land.”
  2. Find and a high-quality moving company: One of the critical elements of a successful move is securing a moving company that meets your needs. Interview at least three prospects with extensive interstate experience and make sure they address all your concerns. Finally, always get an estimate in writing. For more information about finding a moving company, click here.
  3. Always have a plan: A thorough moving plan is critical to the success of your move. Establish your timeline, assign tasks, and get to work! It’s easy to wait until the last minute, but if you do, you’ll find yourself in trouble, and your move will become a stress-laden nightmare. If you are unsure about creating a moving plan, ask your mover, they’ll be glad to give you tips and advice.
  4. Be optimistic: A positive mindset is essential for a successful move. When things get stressful, and you feel overwhelmed, stop, take a break, and give yourself a few moments to focus on the exciting possibilities that lay ahead!
  5. Lighten your load: Before you move, make tough decisions and get rid of things you don’t need. Go through your attic, garage, and other storage areas and consider donating or recycling old toys, furniture, and other items that truly don’t need to be relocated to North Carolina.

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