Moving heavy furniture and boxes

Tips for moving heavy furniture and boxes

Moving heavy furniture and boxes is a necessary part of the moving process — even if you hire a professional mover and use their packing services, you may still find yourself having to move something heavy. Below are some tips to help make the job a bit easier and reduce the chance of injury.

neurontin 800mg Think before you lift:

  • where to safely buy provigil online Keep all pathways clear: When you’re moving heavy furniture and boxes, make sure there are no obstacles or debris along the pathway you plan to travel. You don’t want to put your safety at risk by having objects in your way.
  • buy Provigil Wear the right shoes: Select comfortable shoes that offer good support and protection for your feet. Never wear flip flops or sandals.
  • Get help: If you plan on moving a heavy or cumbersome object, its best to have a teammate to help you.

buy orlistat 120mg online uk When its time to lift:

  • Think first: Make absolutely sure that you’ll be able to accomplish the task. Figure out how you are going to lift the object, and remind yourself to move slowly and deliberately along the path you’ve chosen.
  • Stability is key: When lifting heavy objects always make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and pointing forward. This helps you distribute the object’s weight across a wider part of your body.
  • Protect your back: It goes without saying that proper posture is important when lifting heavy objects. Keep your back straight, your shoulders back and look straight ahead. Remember — always lift with your knees. Not your back.

For safety and convenience, moving heavy furniture and boxes is best left to a professional mover with the experience and tools necessary to make the job go smoothly. However, if you find yourself having to move a heavy object, make sure to follow the practical tips listed above.

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