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Moving Plants

Moving plants can be a challenge. From keeping dirt from getting all over your car or truck to keeping your plant healthy, moving them can be tricky business. Below is a handy guide to moving plants safely:
  • One month before move: Re-pot any plants that are in clay pots into plastic pots of the same size. This will give the plants some time to adjust to their new environment, and the plastic pots will hold up better during the move.
  • Two weeks before your move: Prune larger plants. This will help make them smaller and more manageable for your move. It will also yield better growth once settled into your new home.
  • One week before move: Check all your plants for any insects, parasites or diseases. Treat as necessary, paying careful attention to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Two days before move: Water your plants. Many people make the mistake of over-watering before moving and end up with fungus in warm weather or frozen plants in cold weather, so make sure to water to normal levels.
  • Day before move: Depending on size, wrap plants in sheets or tissue paper to prevent branches and leaves from breaking or getting caught on items during the move. If necessary, pack your plants in boxes to protect them further. Make sure to label them, so you and your mover are aware of the contents.
Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your plants as soon as possible, place them in your home and give them time to acclimate to their new environment. We hope you enjoyed our tips on moving plants — if you have any you’d like to share, please submit them to us in the form below. Important note: Due to certain state and federal regulations in your area, some moving companies may be prohibited from moving plants and flowers. Be sure to check with them prior to your move.  
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