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Top 5 Moving Sale Tips

Holding a moving sale is a great way to prepare for your eventual move. It forces you to make decisions about items that will stay or go, helps you de-clutter your home, saves you money on your move (by getting rid of items) and even puts a little change in your pocket. Below are 5 essential tips for holding a successful moving sale.
  1. Do you need a permit? There’s nothing worse than holding an event and having it shut down by the local authorities. Some towns and building associations may require permits or approval to hold a sale, and there may be numerous regulations that you must abide by to hold a sale. Make sure you get this information before you decide to hold a sale. It may not be worth your time.
  2. Think retail: When it comes to displaying items for sale, imagine that your sale is being held at a retail store. This means being as organized as possible and displaying items in their most appealing manner. Take the time to clean each item and present it in its best light — be creative! If you are selling an easy chair, perhaps drape a blanket you are selling on the arm of the chair to create a relaxing atmosphere. Selling a table? Display a vase and/or centerpiece.
  3. Spread the word: While displaying your items for sale will certainly draw some passers-by, getting the word out in print and online is the best way to advertise your sale. Check with your local paper, Craigslist and other sources and advertise your moving sale. Put a few flyers up on your local community boards (found in many supermarkets and town halls). The more advertising you do, the better your turnout will be.
  4. Have change on hand: Make sure to have a good deal of change on hand so you can transactions as hassle free as possible. There’s nothing worse than having to scramble around asking friends and other shoppers if they have change for a hundred!
  5. Get help: Make sure to have enough friends and/or family to help out with selling, re-arranging and helping customers. In order to be successful, you will never want to keep a customer waiting and you always want to make sure everything is presented in the best manner possible. Having adequate “staff” for the job is essential.
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