Moving south

Tips for Moving South

Moving south to warmer climates such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida is a great option for those who have just retired, or even those seeking new job opportunities. The southern United States offers a wide variety of cultural and social activities that could make your “new life” both exciting and rewarding. But, before you pack up and head off to new adventures, there are a few tips we’d like to share with you to help your move go easier:
  • Organize and downsize: The key to any successful move is being as organized as possible. This starts with making sure you have a strong game plan in place for how you’re going downsize your home. Make a list ahead of time and determine what stays and what goes. By doing this, you’ll avoid the worry of trying to figure out these things at the last minute. If you’re planning on moving into a bigger home, it’s still a smart idea to make your downsizing list. We’re almost positive you’ll have items that you don’t need to bring with you to your new home.
  • Pack and label boxes: Use only high quality moving boxes, and ever use boxes from a grocery store or used boxes that have holes or tears in them. Spending a little bit of extra money on quality moving supplies will go a long way to protecting your items. Finally, make sure to neatly label all your boxes on at least four sides.
  • Pay for a reputable, reliable mover: Thoroughly research moving companies, and hire the best one you can find — even if is a bit more expensive than the competition. Always remember, a quality mover will result safe, on-time move with little or no complications. To learn more about hiring a mover, click here.
Moving south can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your family, and following the tips above will help make your move a pleasant, stress-free experience.
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