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Moving Steps Checklist Part Five

We’ve finally come to the end of our 5-part moving steps checklist series (read parts one, two, three and four), and today I am going to discuss what to do in the last week before your scheduled moving day. Remember to try and look at your move as an exciting adventure and opportunity — not an unwanted stressful situation.

What you should be doing one week before moving day:

  • Refill your prescriptions: make sure to fill prescriptions so that you do not have to worry about them once you arrive in your new location. You’ll have a lot of details to sort out once you arrive, and refilling prescriptions shouldn’t be one of them.
  • Pack you suitcases: Your goal should be that you are fully packed a few days before you move, and starting the final packing process now will help you reach that milestone.
  • Get ready to defrost your freezer: If you plan on taking your refrigerator with you, now is a good time to prepare for defrosting by eliminating foods, etc. you will not be taking with you.
  • Confirm details with your mover: It’s always a good idea to check in again and make sure that everything is still on schedule with your moving company.
  • Plan for payment: If you’ve arranged to pay your mover with a money order or certified check, make arrangements to get the payment settled so you don’t have to scramble on moving day.
If you’ve followed our moving steps checklist, you should have very few things to do on moving day, and I sincerely hop our list helped get you through your move. If you have any questions or any great ideas you’d like to add to our moving steps checkist, please fill out the form below.

Moving Steps Checklist — What to do on moving day:

  • Verify all details: Confirm with your moving company one more time before your scheduled move time. When they arrive, make sure that the truck that shows up is from the company you have hired and has their USDOT number clearly listed. It should match the number on the estimate and other printed material you received.
  •  Take a complete inventory: Before the movers leave your new residence, do a complete inventory before signing the bill of lading; make sure to keep a copy for yourself.
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