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Moving to North Carolina – a First Hand Account

According to an article on, North Carolina is one of the top ten best places to live in the U.S., so we asked North Carolina-resident and real estate consultant Lori Fishman for an inside scoop on living in the state. Lori provides a unique perspective on life in North Carolina – she was born and raised in Brooklyn and lived in the suburbs of New Jersey with her family of four before moving to North Carolina.


Tired of the high cost of living and stressful atmosphere, my husband and I decided to move our family to North Carolina.  We were drawn to this southern state because it’s just a short flight (or drive) to our family in the New York area, the scenery is beautiful, homes are newer, schools are great and the overall cost of living is lower.  There are a lot of NY/NJ transplant families here that all came for the same reason – a better way of life.  Because of that, things just seem more relaxed.


Buying a home in North Carolina is very easy and the process is much quicker compared to New York/New Jersey.  Once an offer is accepted the buyer has a certain amount of time to conduct their home inspection and obtain financing, with the closing happening soon after.  There is no attorney review process in NC and just one attorney oversees the entire transaction, which helps make the process shorter.


The two largest cities in North Carolina are Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) and Raleigh (Wake County), followed by Greensboro and Durham.  My family chose to settle outside of Charlotte in Union County.  Our town is a short commute to the city but more affordable than Mecklenburg County. Some of the top towns in Union County include Wedding, Marvin, Waxhaw and Indian Trail. My family resides in Waxhaw and we couldn’t be happier. Many of our wonderful neighbors moved here from other states and we all just love the community feel and environment it provides for our children.  Lawson, Millbridge and Cureton are three great neighborhoods in Waxhaw worth checking out. 


Unlike New York, new construction developments are being built in North Carolina all the time and they’re an exciting option to consider.  Many of the neighborhoods here provide families with affordable homes and a handful of amenities such as community pools, tennis courts, walking trails and social activities.  An important recommendation to keep in mind if you choose to buy a new construction home– get your own independent home inspection done. Most new construction advisors will tell you that you don’t need one, but it is 100% worth the $400 fee to have it done!


Narrowing down a town to live in can be a difficult task in any state. Since every family is unique, anyone interested in moving to North Carolina from Long Island should do their research and try to connect with current residents.  Facebook is a great resource as there are many groups specifically for people looking to move to North Carolina.  Making a list of “must haves” and “wants” and then checking that list when researching areas is a great way to help you decide which town is best for you.  Some things to think about could be – Do you want a new construction home? What amenities are you looking for in your community?  What types of extra-curricular activities do you want available to your children and for yourself?  How long will your commute be?  Once you’ve narrowed down your search, try to visit at least one time before making the move.  Don’t be a stranger – talk to locals while you explore.  You’ll find most people are very friendly and happy to share what it’s like living in their neighborhood. 


To connect with Lori for more information on moving to North Carolina please email her at

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