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Five Things to do Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Much of your moving preparation takes place weeks — or even months in advance of your moving truck arriving — housing arrangements, travel options and numerous other tasks need plenty of lead time to plan properly.

Below are five tasks that either get brushed off till the last minute or completely forgotten altogether. Make sure to put them in your moving plan (you did make a plan, didn’t you?) so you do not forget them:

  1. Double check your moving contract: Look over your contract and make sure you completely understand what is required of both you and the mover, this where there are no questions or problems when moving day arrives.
  2. Clear space for the moving truck: Whether you live in a tight residential neighborhood, a city, or a condominium in a downtown area, you are going to need to make sure that the moving truck and the crew has plenty of space to park and load the truck. Clear walkways both inside and outside your home and speak to your property manager if you live in an apartment of condominium.
  3. Get rid of non allowable items: Check your contract carefully and find out which items will not be allowed on the moving truck. Usually things such as plants and volatile chemicals aren’t allowed by law, but the mover also may have specific items that aren’t allowed on board. Make arrangements to dispose, donate or recycle these items.
  4. Prepare your “go box”: Your go box is a container that you take with you which contains important personal items that you will need easy access to. Toothbrushes, soap, aspirin, phone chargers, etc. are all items you may want to pack and take with you on moving day.
  5. Do a final run through: You may think that you have accounted for absolutely everything, but it cannot hurt to make one final run through your home to make sure you haven’t forgotten any important items.

Have we missed anything? Feel free to share your often forgotten items with us by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. For more tips on organizing your move, click here.

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