Moving with pets

Moving with pets.

Moving with pets can be a big challenge. For most of us, our pets play a very important role in our families’ lives and we treat and care for them with kindness and love. It’s only natural that when it comes time to move, you’ll want to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Below are some tips that should help:
  • Get a checkup: Moving is stressful on human beings, and it can be even more stressful on pets. Arrange to have your pet receive a thorough checkup before you move, in order to spot any potential problems that that moving stress may cause.
  • Introduce change slowly: Cats (as well as some dogs) aren’t very happy with change, so be sure you help them adjust by bringing in moving boxes and packing supplies as early as possible. Try to keep your pet in their favorite room as you pack your home. When moving day finally arrives, keep your pets in a comfortable, quiet room with the door shut. This way they will be in a familiar space and they aren’t being exposed to the hustle and bustle associated with moving day.
  • Introduce them to their crate: Try placing their food inside the crate and then eventually have them eat their meals inside the crate with the door shut. For pets that can be carried around in their crate, try walking them around the house while they are inside. Re-assure them as you are doing this, letting them know everything is ok. Another great idea is to give your pet a treat while they are inside the crate, this way the associate it with something positive.
  • One room at a time: It may be tempting to let your pet run around and explore your new home, but this may undue cause stress. It’s a much better idea to set up a primary space, complete with their food and favorite toys allow them to acclimate slowly to your new home.
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