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Are online moving estimates accurate?

Are Online Moving Estimates Accurate? Good question. With the world moving rapidly towards complete online shopping, communication and social interaction, it only seems logical that getting an online moving estimate is an easy, convenient option for busy people seeking a qualified moving company. The big question is — are online moving estimates accurate enough to help you make an informed decision? The answer is yes and no. Allow us to explain.

Online moving estimates can be very handy — they can provide you with initial pricing that can be used for comparison purposes, and they can tell you a great deal about the company you are dealing with.

When you receive your online estimate, be sure to ask yourself the following two crucial questions:

  • Was the moving company responsive? Did they quickly follow with a phone call, or if you did your estimate in the middle of the night, did they call you first thing in the morning? This can help you gauge the responsiveness of the moving company. If the answer is yes, then it could be a company worth considering.
  • Did the moving company ask for an in-home estimate? This is critical. The only way to get a truly accurate moving estimate is to have a representative from the company visit your residence and perform an in-home estimate. As stated previously, an online estimate is a great tool, but only an in-home estimate is truly accurate because they take into account variables such as parking space, access to the residence, attics, sheds and other places that made not be assessed during an online estimate.

In conclusion, online estimates are a great tool to help you decide which movers you should consider for your next move, but they shouldn’t be used to make a final decision. You should always meet with your mover, discuss your needs and get an accurate in-home estimate so you know exactly how much your move will cost.

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