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Family Packing Fine China

Packing fine china for moving.

When packing fine china dishes for your move, a little extra attention to detail can go a long way in making sure it arrives safely at your new destination. Below we’ll show you a great way to pack fine china dishes for moving — safely and securely. What you’ll need:
  • Non-printed newsprint paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Permanent markers
  • Professional grade moving boxes
  • Utility knife and/or scissors
Get the right box It is imperative that you use high quality, professional grade moving boxes that are specifically designed for the task. Most quality moving companies have a wide variety of these moving boxes (link to your moving supplies page) available, and will be glad to help you select the right boxes for your needs. For packing fine china dishes, a heavy-test, modest size box is best. Start wrapping Wrap each piece individually in tissue paper Take several sheets at a time and wrap them around the item starting from a designated point. Continue diagonally and tuck in the edges whole wrapping. Finally, add two to three layers of newsprint to act as an outer wrapper and spacer for between pieces. Packing Layer the bottom of your box with plenty of crumpled newsprint to act as a cushion, and place heavy/large items at the bottom of the box. Make sure to put layers of newsprint in between each item as you fill up the box. Always stand dishes on their edge and never lay them flat. This will help prevent breakage. Go from heaviest at bottom to lightest at top. Make sure to leave room at the top for another layer of newsprint. Once the box is full, fill any voids or excess space with more newsprint to avoid shifting and to help absorb any shocks. Secure all seams with quality packing tape, mark the boxes and detail it’s contents. Finally, make sure to write “Fragile” on at least two sides of the box. You may even want to create a “fragile section” in your home so you can alert your mover to packed items that are susceptible to damage. By using this method of packing fine china dishes for moving, you will reduce the chances of chipping or breaking your precious family belongings.

Pro Packing Tip:

Create bundles of 4 by stacking 4 wrapped plates together and wrapping them with newsprint.
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