Packing Media Library

Packing your media library

Looking to pack your media library? Many homes contain an extensive media libraries filled with CDs and DVDs collected over the years. This is particularly true for homes with large CD and movie collections as well as entertainment systems such as Xbox® and Playstation®. While you may not immediately think of your discs when considering fragile items, they can scratch, snap or crack if not packed properly. Below are some tips on how to properly pack your media discs:
  • Sort before you pack: Do a completely inventory of your discs and figure out which ones will go with you and which ones can be donated or sold at a moving sale. Furthermore, discs with scratches should be tested before you pack them. If they do not function, make plans to properly dispose of them.
  • Use protective cases: Many of your DVDs, CDs and games came in plastic sleeves or cases. Make sure all your items are in their correct cases, and if you have loose CDs or DVDs, order new ones online and place the orphan items into these cases.
  • Line your boxes: Most of the potential damage that could ruin your media library comes from pressure on the sides, bottom, or top of your shipping box. To reduce the risk of crushed or shattered discs, thoroughly line all sides of your boxes with packing peanuts or newsprint. As you load your discs into the box, make sure to fill any voids and do not over pack the box — leave plenty of room for protection!
  • Pack spine up: Do not place cases flat in the bottom of the box; pack them with the spine of the case facing upward. This has the twofold benefit of reducing the amount of strain on the cases as well as keeping them organized and easy to read. Try as best as possible to pack each box with the same case size: for example, DVDs in one box and CDs in another.
  • Use Labels: As with any moving box, clearly labeling the contents of each box will go a long way in keeping your move organized. It will also help your moving company organize their truck packing efforts.
Finally, if you are moving your media library yourself, make sure to place the boxes on top of heavier items. Even if you have packed things securely, Heavier objects can still potentially damage your boxes and their contents.
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