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Five key things to do before the professional packing service arrives.

Opting for a packing service from a reputable, professional mover can save you time, money and stress during your move. Most of all, choosing a packing service will insure the safety of your items. If you have decided a packing service is right for you, here are five important things to do before the packing service arrives to make things go as smoothly as possible.
  1. Purge your home: There is no need to have your packing service spend their time (and your money) packing items that you do not plan to take with you. A good rule of thumb for purging non-sentimental or special use items is the one-year rule: if haven’t used the item in a year, chances are you can live without it. Make the decision to slim down your home before the packers ring your doorbell.
  2. Eliminate items that cannot be packed: Due to safety and insurance regulations, there are items in your home that a professional packing service will not pack, and as a good rule of thumb, you really shouldn’t try to pack them either. Hazardous items such as flammable materials, chemicals and cleaning fluids cannot be packed, along with frozen and refrigerated foods (perishables). Also on the no-pack list are plants; make sure to make arrangements to gift your plants to a friend or, as a last resort, transport them yourself.
  3. Make a checklist: Create an itemized checklist that will detail everything that is ready to be packed up by the packing service. This inventory is critical for checking items delivered to your home.
  4. Create a do not pack zone: This area will be for all the items you do not want the packing service to pack. Make sure you mark the area in order to avoid confusion or miscommunication.
  5. Prepare household appliances the right way: It’s a good idea to unplug and thoroughly clean the appliances you are planning to take with you. Not only does this make the packing service’s job easier, it will go a long way in helping you get a fresh start in your new home.
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