The Pre-Move Purge — Getting Started

The pre-move purge is one of the more difficult tasks in the moving process. It’s the first time you truly come face to face with the question “what stays and what goes?” You know you have to start somewhere, but where? It can be a very emotional decision. Below are five items you can safely dispose of without experiencing the emotional stress many feel when it comes time to purging personal items. Purging these items should get you into the pre-move purge groove and make eliminating personal items a bit easier.
  • Old paint: if you’ve lived in your home for any length of time, there’s sure to be a few gallons of old paint and plenty of cans of spray paint in your basement, shed or crawlspace. Consult with your township on how to properly dispose of these items.
  • Expired Medications: It’s quite possible that your medicine cabinet is chock full of old or expired prescriptions — now is a great time to get rid of them. The FDA has guidelines regarding the disposal of prescription drugs, so follow them carefully and dispose of your medications properly.
  • Out of date electronics: That old flip phone that has been sitting in your drawer since 2011 is serving no purpose — same goes for dead batteries, outdated laptops, chargers, etc. Eliminate any and all electronic items that have no use to you or your family. You won’t believe how much electronic junk you have laying around.
  • Books: It’s only natural, that over time, you collect a large amount of books, and never get rid of them once they are read. If you are a book hoarder and have bookshelves filled to capacity, now is the time to eliminate the ones you will never look at again.
  • Old bath items: Half empty shampoo bottles, old soaps and other bath items that rarely see use are perfect for emotion free disposal. Don’t forget old, dried make up, washcloths and dirty, used hand towels.
Minimizing stress during a move will help you be more efficient and relaxed when the hustle and bustle of moving day comes. And starting your pre-move purge with items that have no emotional value will certainly help you ease into the process.
Pre-move purge
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