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Professional Packing Services

Professional Packing Services

It happens all the time: families who plan on moving look at all their possessions and say to themselves: “We can really save money on this move by packing ourselves.” Two months later, panic sets in because they never realize how much there actually is to pack and how much the supplies will cost.

Before this happens to you, consider taking advantage of your moving company’s professional packing services. It will save you time and stress and may be more cost-effective than you think. Below are three great reasons to consider packing services.

  1. You’re too busy to pack: Let’s face it, life doesn’t stop when you have to move. You still have to manage your work schedule, your family’s affairs, and all the details of your move. Adding labor-intensive packing to the list of things to do could burn you out and leave you ill-prepared for moving day.
  2. You have more “stuff” than you thought: Most homeowners greatly underestimate how much “stuff” they really have. For example, when you look at a bathroom, you may only see what items are in the shower and on the counter. You may forget to take into account all the towels in the closet, the cleaning goods underneath the sink and the various other items stored behind the vanity. Imagine what that’s like when it comes to your kitchen, which is filled with pots, pans, food items, and more. What about the basement? The shed? You get the idea — you will always have more stuff than you imagined.
  3. You are not a pro: Fragile and breakable items, electronics, and antiques require exceptional care. A professional packing service knows how to wrap all your delicate items such as crystal, china, mirrors, artwork, light fixtures. Further, large objects such as paintings, pianos, pool tables, etc. require specialized packing and crating. A packing service can get this done for you, usually at a lower cost than if you searched for crating services yourself.

Should you choose a packing service? Simply weigh your quality of life before your move against the actual cost of a packing service. We think it’s a small price to pay so that you can enjoy the last few weeks in your home with family and friends and start your new journey stress-free and relaxed.

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