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Protect Your Home When Moving In

In this blog we mostly discuss topics related to moving out of your home. That’s because preparation for moving out and the day of moving out can be very stressful on families. In this post we’d like to discuss a little about moving in, and what you can do to protect your new home from damage. Below are four important tips that will help you:

  1. where can i buy priligy in uk Choose an experienced, professional moving company: Much of the damage done to a home during moving in is either due to an inexperienced moving team or homeowners who have little skill when it comes to dealing with heavy/bulky items. Using a qualified mover with an excellent track record will make sure your belongings get into your new home safely — and without damage.
  2. source url Cover your floors: It doesn’t matter if your new home has wood floors or carpet, excessive wear and tear from walking back and forth with heavy items could cause damage. For carpets you can use old cardboard boxes and drop cloths, and for wood floors, try using some plastic sheeting. Always make sure to secure your floor covering with tape to prevent bunching and shifting. Additionally, it may help to add some cardboard cushioning to walls that are in tight corners in order to prevent damage to both walls and items. It should be noted that most professional movers will handle protecting your floors and walls for you.
  3.ĹžovĂ˝ Clear the high traffic areas: It’s important to keep high traffic areas free of obstacles that could cause injury. Children should be told not to enter these areas and pets should be kept away as well. This will not only make for a more efficient move, it will also help prevent accidents.
  4. Clean before unloading: While this doesn’t necessarily protect your home from damage but, we find that it helps provide piece of mind once everything is moved in and it’s time to sleep in your new home for the first time. If you happen to have the time before moving in, spend it cleaning up your new home — you’ll be glad you did.

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