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Stress-free Thanksgiving during your move

Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving During Your Move

So, clearly there are better times to move than over the Thanksgiving holiday, and it’s highly possible that planning your celebration has snuck up on you.  But it’s not too late! Here are some tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving during your move:

  1. Spend the first half of the day packing and then reward yourself with a delicious meal outside of the house.  Have a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal at a local restaurant; you’ll be able to re-charge and take a mental break by relaxing in a space that’s not filled with moving boxes everywhere you turn.
  2. Keep your Thanksgiving meal prep (and mess) free by ordering everything from local delis, bakeries and restaurants. Don’t stop there though, use disposable dinnerware and that way when your meal is over you can just throw everything in a trash bag and be done! How easy is that? 
  3. If you’re hosting multiple families, try pot-luck style and ask everyone to bring one dish from a list of just the traditional Thanksgiving foods. This way you’ll only be responsible for cooking  one or two items.  
  4. Let someone else do the hosting this year. For your contribution, keep your slow cooker unpacked and make a simple, crowd-pleasing side dish such as mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie or macaroni and cheese (these dishes also require just a few ingredients for easy last minute grocery shopping). 
  5. Have kids? Keep them occupied while you sort, pack or cook by giving them a few markers or crayons to let them decorate your moving boxes with hand turkeys. If you have extra packing paper you could even use it as a tablecloth and let them decorate that as well.

Sorting through your belongings while packing this Thanksgiving is a great way to think about what you’re thankful for.  Consider what you really need in your new residence vs what you might be able to donate to a charity or organization in need. Remember, the most important thing about this holiday is spending time with the people you care about.  The food is just an added bonus.  

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