Top 5 Things to Do Before the Mover Arrives
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Michael Maffucci is a third generation mover and President of Verity Van Lines, Long Island’s leading moving company. Learn more about him here.

Five Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Top Five Things to Do Before the Mover Arrives

Moving preparation can take place months in advance of moving day. Housing arrangements, travel options, and many other tasks need lead time to plan properly.

In this article, we’d like to highlight five critical tasks that either get put off until the last minute or are entirely forgotten. Make sure to put them in your moving plan so you do not forget them:

Before the Mover Arrives

  1. Re-read your moving contract: Make sure you fully understand the requirements of both you and the moving company. If you have any issues or concerns, a reputable mover will gladly address them for you.
  2. Clear space for the moving truck: It’s crucial for both you and the mover for the process to be as efficient as possible. To that end, make sure walkways, driveways, and all indoor and outdoor areas are free of clutter, hazards, and any obstacles that could cause delays — or worse —injury.
  3. Get rid of non-allowable items: Check your contract carefully to determine which items will not be allowed on the moving truck. Most of the time, items such as plants and volatile chemicals aren’t permitted by law. Your mover also may have specific things that aren’t allowed on board. Make arrangements to dispose of, donate or recycle these items. It can’t hurt to ask your mover if you are unsure what to do with non-allowable items.
  4. Prepare your “move box”: Your move box is a container you take with you that contains essential personal items that you will need easy access to. Toothbrushes, soap, aspirin, phone chargers, etc., are all items you may want to have close at hand on a moving day.
  5. Do a final home inspection: You may think that you have accounted for everything, but it cannot hurt to make one last inspection of your home to ensure you haven’t forgotten any necessary items.

We hope these five tips will make your move easier.

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