Moving Checklist Part 4: What to do Two Weeks Before Moving.

Continuing with our moving checklist series (you can read parts 1, 2 and 3 here), I want to cover what you should do two weeks before moving. At this stage of the process, time seems to pass more quickly, and it may seem like you’ll never get everything done. Just remember, you can do this — just relax, take a breath and focus on the task at hand.

What you should do two weeks before moving.

  • Arrange time off from work: Now that you have a pretty firm grasp on when your moving day is, make sure to let your supervisor know when you will be moving and how much time you will need to complete the move.
  • Take care of the family autos: If you’re moving to a different climate, and plan driving to your new destination, it’s a great idea to you have the family cars tuned up, inspected and ready to go.
  • Clean our your safety deposit box: If you are planning on changing banks, make sure to empty the contents of your safety deposit box and store them in a strongbox that you will take with you during moving day.
  • Contact the moving company: Confirm all your arrangements with them and make sure that you both know what to expect on moving day.
Now that you know what you should do two weeks before moving, next week we’re going to wrap everything up and cover what to do one week prior to moving as well as what to do on moving day. We hope that this checklist series has helped you get organized, get motivated, and most of all, remained stress free. As always, If you have any questions about this list or have suggestions you’d like to share, please submit them with via the form I’ve left below, and I try to answer your questions and post your suggestions.
What to do two weeks before moving
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