Understanding moving estimates

Understanding Moving Estimates

Understanding moving estimates is an important part of managing your move. And when it comes to long distance (interstate) moving, the company you choose will provide you with one of two types of moving estimates — binding or non binding. Below is a quick overview of these estimates. The Binding Estimate This estimate is one of the most commonly used in the industry and states that the price quoted in the estimate is the amount you will pay — even if your total shipment weighs more or less than the estimated amount. Note that if your final shipment ends up being different than that what was quoted (i.e. you added more furniture), the final cost will change. Binding estimates also do not include required destination services. Some The Non-Binding Estimate A non-binding estimate is based on an inventory of your household goods and provides you with a pricing guideline. This estimate has no contractual agreement attached to it, and the final charges you are liable for could be higher or lower than the estimated cost. This all depends on the actual weight of the shipment, services provided and the final destination of your move. Which is best? Generally speaking a binding estimate is ideal because it will provide you with a solid idea of what your move is going to cost. If for some reason the weight of your shipment and the cost of moving services cannot be accurately judged, a non-binding estimate will have to do. A quick word about online estimates Online estimates are a fun and easy way for you to gauge how much your move may cost, but they should never replace a written estimate from a reputable mover who has visited your home. If you’d like to try an online estimate, we have one here. Finally, it is imperative that the mover you choose will come to your home and do an on site estimate. Building accurate moving estimates relies on the honesty and integrity of both you and the mover you choose. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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